Bookstores and novel series.

A few thoughts on Publisher’s Weekly articles about bookstores and novel series:-

It was once widely predicted that people would live their lives online and never leave their homes. Yet the Internet has, if anything, encouraged more physical travel than before. People value experiences as much or more than ever. Our bookstores can be attractive destinations in their own right.

I was surprised when I first read Scott Westerfeld’s Young adult steampunk novel ‘LEVIATHAN’ that it ended inconclusively. The hardcover I read gave no indication that it was not a complete story. I still enjoyed it and bought and read the rest of the trilogy when the books were published.

This happened again with Marie Lu’s novel ‘WARCROSS’ which ends on a cliffhanger. I enjoyed the next book ‘WILDCARD’ but some indication when a book is the first of a series would be welcome.

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