Shaky Cities and Mortal Engines?

Many thanks to Radio Retrofuture’s Bonsart for his Youtube video about the box office failure of the ‘Mortal Engines’ movie about moving cities in a post-apocalyptic future,

He’s right about the Cities’ integrity. Brick and stone buildings like St. Paul’s Cathedral would fall to bits in minutes since the City’s movement would feel like an endless earthquake, UNLESS it had some incredibly clever suspension. Likewise lack of audience familiarity, particularly in the USA, where the novels are not as well know as in the UK. But there’s also simple bad luck.

So, no more Steam movies! Unless it’s a ship, Mr. Cameron. Or a train, Mr. Branagh. So, steam yes, but no punk?

Dieselpunk remains a different matter, as we will be hopefully reminded when they finally make the fifth Indiana Jones movie. Internal Combustion may therefore triumph again on our movie screens before it’s replaced by electricity on our roads!

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