Author and social media expert Nathan Bransford interviewed social media expert Sarah Hill.

This interview has inspired me to up my game! I’m definitely going to move from smoke signals and carving stone tablets to inscribing papyrus, once I’ve harvested enough reeds. I may even try vellum! I’ve heard it’s great once you get someone else to kill and skin the sheep.

But seriously, many thanks to Sarah Hill and Nathan for this. Opportunity can become overwhelming and we need experts as much to advise us on what NOT to do as what to do. The sheer scope and width of social media can induce shallowness of engagement and low conversion rates, measured in actual sales. I see that from my own reactions to social media. I easily get overwhelmed and speed-read or just turn the whole damn thing off. But I return again and again and learn something new every day, if not every hour.


Publisher’s Weekly published an article criticizing vulgarity in publishing:-

If book sales have dipped entirely or substantially because of vulgar titles, this is the first I’ve heard it suggested. If readers are really so put off by vulgarity that should be reflected in bestseller lists, with vulgar titles selling less. Is that really the case?

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